Is Abortion Banned in Texas Under S.B. 8?

You have a constitutional right to abortion in Texas and all 50 states. But as of Sept. 1, most people in Texas won’t be able to get an abortion because of a new, extreme law that bans abortion around 6 weeks of pregnancy — before many people even know they’re pregnant. Texas already has far too many abortion restrictions that make it difficult to access safe, legal abortion in the state. This law makes things even worse: it encourages private citizens to sue abortion providers as well as anyone who helps a person access an abortion in Texas after six weeks.

If you’re in Texas and you need an abortion, please seek care as soon as possible. Locate an abortion provider at or call 1–800–230-PLAN.

Here are the facts about the new abortion ban in Texas:

  • The harmful law is sometimes referred to as Senate Bill 8 (S.B. 8).

That means ANY person — such as a partner, parent, nosy neighbor, random stranger, or anti-abortion protester — from ANY state can sue a person they believe helped someone get an abortion in Texas after 6 weeks. In exchange for their vigilante action, they collect at least $10,000 (plus legal expenses) from the person they sued for each successful claim. This abortion ban will block most safe abortion services in Texas and could also lead to the harassment of health center staff, patients, and anyone who helps a person get an abortion.

To learn more about Texas’s S.B. 8 law and how to get care, call 1–800–230-PLAN. If you need an abortion, Planned Parenthood staff can answer your questions, determine how far along your pregnancy is, and help you get the care you need.

Reproductive rights advocates, including Planned Parenthood, are fighting S.B. 8 in court and are working to stop the abortion ban. We’ll keep providing updates as the situation unfolds. And know this: Planned Parenthood is here for you. We’ll continue to provide quality, essential health care and we’ll never stop fighting for your right to access the care you need.

Want to help protect abortion access in Texas and other states?

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  • Make a gift to Planned Parenthood to support patients by making sure they know their options, by directly funding access to abortion out of state, and by fighting in court to overturn this assault on our most basic rights.

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